Architecture Department

Architecture of UNDIP is established on 10th of November 1962, with Ir. Sidharta, Ir. Haditirto and Dipl. Ing. Hoemar Tjokrodihatmo as the first ever lecturer. Ir. Sidharta thinks that Indonesia needs a lot more good quality architect with ability of technician mastery, social awareness, and good sense in aesthetics.

In a more serious part, architect is a professional technician that has artist character with big responsibility of how a ‘space’ was made and function as a built environment made by man.

Architecture of UNDIP take part of how The Department of Urban and Regional Planning established in 1992, and Diploma III Architecture Design program in 2000 in order to broaden the architecture contribution in educational field.

In 2003. Architecture Department has set an integrated academic framework, created the continuous teach and learn activity from undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level in more affective and efficient way. It is possible with the graduate and post-graduate program in Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning Department.



Became excellent department in Built-environment design education in South-East Asia, and also at international level based on research and technopreneur in 2020.


  • Increase the quality and the quantity of architecture education that can produce excellent graduates based on research and technopreneur.
  • Increase the quality and the quantity of publication research and seeking ownership of intellectual property rights in an attempt of developing science, technology, and arts.
  • Increase the quality and the quantity of community service as an implementation and development effort for science and technology and art in the scope of Built-envvironment.
  • Increasing professionality, capability, accountability, and governance in conducting architecture educational institution.


  1. Increasing quality and quantity on in terms of competency and comparability for competent human resources at the international level based on technology.
  2. Invented integrated education in every educational level in order to increase excellent graduate competency in every educational level.
  3. Increase the habit to do research and increase the community service by the lecturer and the students based on technopreneur competency.
  4. Increasing the cooperation with other institutions, both national and international, to support the “Word Class University” standar.
  5. Increase the effectivity of academic service, administration, and finance.

Graduates Competence

  1. Mastering the ability to produce sketch / architecture product that fulfills the size and required technics, in order to increase the quality of living and preserving the environment
  2. Understanding the relation between mankind and local wisdom and heritage, mankind and Architecture product (universal/inclusive design), mankind and environment, and architecture product and its environment (green / eco design)
  3. Understanding the need and behavior of Architecture product user, especially disabled people, children, and elderly.
  4. Making an innovative idea in order to meet the need of Architecture design requirements.

Workshop, Visiting Professor, Guest Lecture

To improve the quality of learning and theaching, the following efforts and events have been held.