Thursday, 22 June 2023, Departemen Arsitektur FT Undip (DAFT Undip) cooperated with Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur (HMA) Amoghasida, PT. LEMKRA, PT. PROPAN JAYA and PT. LAWANG SEWU presented awards and exhibitions as named PA-TM Awards. This event is an appreciation for student works in Studio Perancangan Dasar (Tri Matra) and Studio Perancangan Arsitektur (PA). This awarding was held at C301 Departemen Arsitektur Undip.

Studio Perancangan Dasar (basic design studio) as known as Studio Tri Matra, are course in bachelor degree of DAFT Undip that being staged into two and focused on exploration and exploitation of form and shape  with ideation from environmental surrounding and multiple source creative learning process. in the other hand, Studio Perancangan Arsitektur is intermediate design studio consisted of five stages, and focuses on multiple approach in design (such : tectonics, science oriented, technological based, etc). Both of studios had produced many innovative design product annually therefore DAFT hold this event of exhibitions and awards to facilitate the products.

pict 2. The judging process

This PATM Awards had eleven nominees from 3 categories that being curated and judged earlier and the winner of Tri Matra 2 is Ahmad Zaydan Al Ghani with “The Ascend” as 1st prize winner, followed by Ditho Arthur Febriyanto and “PLAYVILLION” on 2nd , and Jetro Jordan with “Pavillion of Shade: Connecting Space with Nature” on the 3rd. Perancangan Arsitektur 2 had four winners, who are: Bondo Bustam” by Ahmad Bayu Wibisono, “Boluf Watch Tower” by M. Amir Akram, “KIDXPLORE” by Audy Charisma Dewi, and “Lingkar Pemuda” by Maheswara Rizky P. And the last  Perancangan Arsitektur 4, there are four winners: “Eka” by Johannes Mahendra, “DU Pavillion Art & Culture Center” by Erlangga Yosi, dan “Resort Hotel Bandungan” by Dhimas Majid R. (pict 2)

this event was collaboration of  DAFT Undip with HMA, PT. LEMKRA, PT.PROPAN JAYA and PT. LAWANG SEWU (pict 3)

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