Dr. Arnis Rochma Harani, S.T., M.T is Architecture Design lecturer at DAFT UNDIP. she graduated as best cumlaude with 2 year 10 month on program Doktoral Arsitektur Universitas Indonesia at 2022. Her disertation ” Mengungkap Interioritas Urban Melalui Penelusuran Mikro Pada Praktik Spasial Keseharian” purpose is researching the urban interiority through daily spatial  on kitchen context of urban system. She stated interiority as internal quality can be emerged in urban context as fusion of interior and urban duality. The Method of her research is qualitative  with case study on Kampung Bustaman Semarang as urban kitchen.

“This research explored urban space as interior system through spatial daily activity and develop urban design based on sustainable and transformative interiority. The findings shown that urban spatial based on interiority on urban kitchen can be alternative urban system, becoming urban interior and make shift as urban interior development. This system could connect the micro and micro as urban space development. This new ide of urban interiority reflected fore-backward discussion between urban micro and macro context. (Lin-Humas)

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