Architecture Department has 3 laboratories: Urban and Settlement Design Lab., History and Conservation of Architecture Lab, and Construction Building Technology Lab . Architecture Department also has classroom and meeting hall with AC, comfortable and large Library with internet connection, Multimedia room, internet cafe/resto, student free hot spot area and mosque. To support the design skill for student, Architecture Department also has 2 manual drawing studio and graphic computer. There are two publication in Architecture Department, the first one is ‘MODUL’, for construction design publication, and the second one is ‘JADU’, for publication, urban design, and settlement. Architecture Department of Diponegoro University has laboratories as a place for the student to do the practicum, there are:

History and Theory of Architecture Lab

Head of Laboratory: Bharoto, S.T., M.T.


Material and Structural Technology Lab.

Head of Laboratory: Dr.Ir. Eddy Prianto, CES., DEA.


Urban and Settlement Design Lab.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Purwanto, M.T.