The result of 2021 spring semester survei of all academia (students, lecturers, workers) who majority is undergraduate students (diagram 1) 44.7% of the respondents meet their satisfaction and 42.6% more than satisfy by the academic performance (diagram 2)

diagram 1. respondents

diagram 2. degree of satisfaction (1: very disapointed ~ 5:very satisfy)


during the pandemi covid 19, all academic activities have been held online through many platformΒ  (social media, Kulon, MSTEAMS, CISCOWEBEX). The satisfaction of academia with the online course is 36.2% satisfy and 36.2% very satisfy (diagram 3). However the online classes were having some problems reported as : 1. teaching methods couldn’t reach the students , 2. unresponsive lecturers, 3. no material deliver or less modul, 4.untransparant score and slow results information, 5. feel no problem (diagram 4)

diagram 3. degree of online class satisfaction (1: very disapointed ~ 5:very satisfy)

diagram class problems

There were some suggestion for further improvement : 1. electronic book of materials and practice modul shall be given to the student for our class study kelas ; 2. technical correction of SIAP Undip; 3. hybrid class (online and offline) preference, 4. more interaction between students and lecturers, 5. try to use more alternative method of teach and learn process