Student Affairs

Department of Architecture Faculty of Diponegoro University (UNDIP JAFT) has an institution of Student Affairs i.e. the set of architecture student AMOGHASIDA or abbreviated as HMA Amoghasida. The origin of the word “amoghasida” is taken from the writings found in the Temple of Borobudur, which means “Eternal Glory”. HMA Amoghasida this is an organization that is both a social and responsible directly to the head of Department.

Management of HMA Amoghasida selected through Elections Kingdom architecture (PEMIRA) followed by the rest of the students majoring in Architectural Engineering Undip Faculty tenure and stewardship is 1 (one) year. Members of the HMA Amoghasida is the entire student JAFT UNDIP already appointed and be active. The set of architecture student Amoghasida consists of several fields that have a work programme and expected to embody the entire student activities in the campus environment. Fields as well as work program in a nutshell can be described briefly as follows:

  • The Field Of Education. Includes regeneration data, Student Assistant, comparative study, study excursions, cataloging and procurement training.
  • The field of organizational and cadre recruitment. Include shipping delegation TKI MAI, election, receiving and Raker & inauguration of new students, preparation of book data steward HM.
  • Areas of interest include the holding of events and talent jamming Jamm in Architecture, Graduation, Anniversary, Galery Architecture, Magz, As TA, Spores and the delivery of the sports contingent to the outside.
  • The Field Of The Welfare Of The Students. Includes care spaces HM, HM jacket, coordinating the procurement of management administration, improved parking, Cleaning mechanism in Architecture, and watch together.
  • The Field Of Community Relations. Include the Organization of Architecture cares, visits to other majors, HM architecture student Delegation to other institutions, Mading HM, introduction of HM to new students, between forces of the introduction, the iftaar.

In addition, there are also other activities which are not work program Amoghasida HMA, but still in your knowledge and consent as well as implemented by HMA Amoghasida. Officials of all the activities involving all members of the HMA Amoghasida so that it can create a sense of family and cooperation among students. Secretarial HMA Amoghasida is located in building C ground floor Campus DAFT UNDIP.

Broadly speaking, HMA Amoghasida has a duty to establish and develop all the potential that exists in the campus environment DAFT UNDIP in order to created a dynamic campus stability. So that the end goal of all HMA amoghasida is making DAFT UNDIP became the leading Department in the College Environment.