Trimatra design coordinator: Dr. Arnis Rochma Harani and Dr. Resza Riskiyanto collaborating with trimatra lecturer’s and  students present student galery of trimatra 1 design (open for public)

“The world is dying; Earth is headed for extinction. Human civilization, including science, is predicted to be destroyed along with the end of the world. The only way to preserve the legacy is to create artifacts that can store secret knowledge of our nature to be passed over generations.” based on the mentioned scenario, students learned to record the knowledge about form and space during an artifact design “Form as objects of thought” (Forty, 2020, p 150). A form could not be formed without any idea and must be formed by knowledge abstraction

‘Secret Prism Of Knowledge’  is no longer a building form, but also an object of exploration. The design scenario must be based on knowledge of order and research of form on the nature surrounding us. The design process was performed by understanding dots, lines, and shapes, development of basic form, addition, subtraction, and more. In detail, the design must integrate form and space into a holistic object.