Based on No. 143/UN7.A1/AK/2024 the students need to be registered by :

  1. tuition fee payment (2 January 2024-3 February 2024)
  2. the payment can be submitted via BTN, BNI, BSI, Mandiri Bank Jateng as your student number account
  3. The her-registration period is 2 January 2024-3 February 2024 and class selection (IRS) can be chosen on 4 January 2024-5 February 2024 (through
  4. program Double Degree, Joint Degree, and Student Exchange must checked: tuition fee (BAK), hereg (as active student), choose the class to be converted
  5. active with no present students must submit the dean’s letter of reactivation to BUK at the University and send it via (deadline 3 February 2024)
  6. as an academic decree, a student without presence for consecutive 2 semesters or 4 semesters in total will automatically lost their status as a student
  7. the receipt of tuition payment can be obtained at Finance BUK Undip
  8. The new semester will be started at 12 February 2024the No. 143/UN7.A1/AK/2024 can be downloadedΒ  here

    source: FT Undip