Higashikawa, Hokkaido Japan collaborated with star architect Kengo Kuma and held an annual student competition since 2021 in the present. The criteria of the student is still rolling as a student on campus and age below 30 years

in 2021 The theme is “Wooden chairs”  and got 834 entries from 36 countries. In 2021 the theme is “Unconventional Tables” with 581 entries from 23 countries

for 2023 the theme is “Furniture Fits in the Open Air”. Registration will end on 31 March 2023 (the deadline of pre-registration at 28 February 2023). The 10 products of the selected winners will be built and judged in the final stage at Higashikawa city on June 2023.

more info and source: https://www.kagu-higashikawa.jp/en/