Diponegoro University managed to achieve rank at the Top 7 Universities with the Largest Number of Monthly Website Visitors released by RevoU, an education technology startup. RevoU is an EduTech startup whose goal is to equip students with the skills currently needed by the tech industry in Indonesia (Technical & Behavioral).

RevoU data taken as of July 2022 from each university shows Undip is in 7th position based on the number of monthly website visitors reaching 2,650,000. In addition, Undip is in position 8th based on the number of Instagram followers, and is in position 10th based on the number of YouTube subscribers.

figure 1. Undip is #08 on Instagram

figure 2. Undip is #07 on website visitors

The ranking is carried out by summarizing the growth of the digital platforms of various universities in Indonesia for the Q3 period of 2022 from this year’s study, including 30 universities, both public and private, were studied. The assessment criteria are based on the number of website visitors (Similarweb), the number of social media followers (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), the amount of content on each of these social media platforms, and the content strategy on social media.

figure 3. Undip is #08 on youtube contents and subscribers

The content strategy on social media carried out by Undip includes uploading profiles of lecturers, students and alumni, sharing information on national and international seminars, publishing scientific and research activities, publishing events at the university  level and faculty level, sharing student activities, and sharing achievements made by the Undip academic community.

source : Undip