in aim to increase the academic reputation as part of World Class University program, Departement of Arsitektur Faculty of Engineering. Universitas Diponegoro (DAFT UNDIP) launches virtual ‘Visiting Professor 2021 ’with the theme International Academic Collaboration toward Sustainability in Architectural Design and Urbanism, through enhancing the ‘Wing+T’ (Local Wisdom, Inclusive Design, and Green Design, and Tourism). The program will be held from September until October 2021 and is started with Kick Off  on 27 Agustus 2021, 08.00 – 09.50 AM  through live streaming at DAFT Undip official channel

Output :
international networking
foreign academic collaboration
join research
scientific writing
ICSADU 2021 serial discussion
journal publishing

The visiting professors at this event are :
1.Prof.Dr.Eng. Tomohiko Yoshida – Ritsumeikan University, Japan
2.Assoc.Prof. D Des, Saehoon Kim – Seoul National University,  South Korea
3.Prof.Dr.Eng.Takehiko Otsuka – Akashi College National Institute of Technology, Japan
4.Prof.Dr.Eng. Junne Kikata  -Kagoshima University, Japan
5.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sr Norhayati binti Mahyuddin – Universiti of Malaya, Malaysia
6.Prof.Dr.Eng. Jun-Ichiro Tsutsumi – Ryukyus University, Japan
7.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dr. Asrul Mahjuddin Ressang bin Aminuddin – Universiti of Malaya
8.Assoc. Prof. Leigh Shutter – Griffith University, Australia
9.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roderick Fluker – Tuskegee University, USA

the event will be :
kickoff event
Guest Lecturing
Joint Research & Publication
Academic Discussion
Serial discussion of the 5th ICSADU

the kickoff event
the opening of this visiting program will be hold on 27 Agustus 2021, 08.00 – 09.50 AM  through live streaming at DAFT Undip official channel

Guest Lecturing
the visiting professor will give lectures and studio workshops at scheduled classes on bachelor and master degrees as mentioned in the poster below:

Class 1 : Architectural Design Studio with Prof Leigh Shutter
6th September 2021
recorded video link :


Class 2 : Urban Design with Prof Saehoon Kim + SoYoung Yoon
8th September 2021

Collaboration Online International Learning (COIL) with Prof. Junne Kikata (Kagoshima University) and Prof.Roderick Fluker (Tuskegee University)
every Wednesday 8~27th September 2021

Class 3 : Urban Design with Prof. Leigh Shutter
9th September 2021

Class 4 : Urban Design with Prof Saehoon Kim + SoYoung Yoon
15th September 2021

Class 5 : Urban Design with Prof Tomohiko Yoshida
15th September 2021

Class 6 and 7: Urban Design with Dr Asrul Mahjuddin Ressang Aminuddin
15th and 17th September 2021

Class 8 : Building Physics with Prof. Nor Hayati Mahyuddin (Universiti Malaya)
20th September 2021

Class 9 : Basic of CFD with Prof. Nor Hayati Mahyuddin (Universiti Malaya)
27th September 2021

Class 10 Sustainable Housing and Settlement with Prof. Tomohiko Yoshida (Ritsumeikan University)
6th October 2021

Class 11 Urban Heat Island with Prof. Jun-Ichiro Tsutsumi (The University of the Ryukuyus)
18 October 2021

Joint Research & Publication (under confirmation)

Academic Discussion

the Serial discussion of the 5th ICSADU (International Conference on Sustainability in Architectural Design and Urbanism).
Seri # 1
Theme: Maintaining cultural uniqueness towards a sustainable urban design
time: 24/09/2021,  08.00 – 11.00 AM
speakers :
1. Prof.  Saehoon Kim (GSES, Seoul National University)
2. Prof.Tomohiko Yosidha (Ritsumeikan  University)
3. Prof.Atiek Suprapti (DAFT Undip)
4. Prof.Edi Purwanto (DAFT Undip)
5. Prof Totok Roesmanto (DAFT Undip)
moderator : Indriastjario (DAFT Undip)

Series # 2
Theme: Building Performance through Modelling Simulation
Time : 04/10/2021, 07.30 – 09.10 AM
Speakers :
1. Assoc Prof.  Sr Norhayati binti Mahyuddin (Universiti of Malaya)
2. Prof. Dr. Ing. Jun-ichiro Tsutsumi (the University of the Ryukyus)
3. Prof. Dr. Erni Setyowati (DAFT UNDIP)
4. Prof. Dr. Ing. Gagoek Hardiman (DAFT UNDIP)
5. Dr. Agung Dwiyanto (DAFT UNDIP)