Architecture and Urbanism Post-Graduate Program

Architecture and Urbanism Post-Graduate Program


Architecture and Urbanism Post-Graduate Program established since 2003, with the certificate of Dirjen DIKTI No. 2965/D/T/2003 in October, 13th 2013 is the first ever Post-Graduate Program in Faculty of Engineering in Diponegoro University.

Architecture and Urbanism Post-Graduate Program is under Architecture science from Construction scale to Urban scale. Research approaches that has been done goes to the elements of human settlement, that includes any discipline such as natural science technology, art and humaniores, in every aspect such as social, culture, and economy.

Architecture and Urbanism as a result of how mankind construct the environment and human life in it. Both of them take role as a container and content in design process, whether in formal or informal way. Therefore, Architecture and Urbanism have a relation with Plan and Design.

The following below are the curriculum of Architecture and Urbanism Post-Graduate Program that consists of 4 steps with 46 SKS in 6 semesters:

  • First Step

1st Semester:

Philosophy of Science and Method Technology        – 2 SKS

Research Method                                                        – 2 SKS

Optional Course (Architecture/Urbanism)                  – 2 SKS

Literature Study                                                         – 2SKS

Pre-Proposal of Dissertation                                       – 2SKS

Doctoral Seminar                                                        – 2 SKS

  • Second Step: Arranging the proposal of dissertation

2nd Semester: Proposal of Dissertation                        – 8 SKS

Doctorate Candidates                                                 (total)  :    18 SKS

  • Third Step: Research and Publication

3rd Semester: Primary Research (logbook)                  – Seminar 1

4th Semester: Continuation of Primary Research        – Seminar 2

Two national publication of the result of the research

Journal Publication or international seminar from the result of Primary Research

  • Fourth Step: Arranging the dissertation and Final exam

5th Semester: Arranging the Dissertation                    – Seminar 3

6th Semester: Assessment the script of the Dissertation (Script appropriateness test, Pre-Promotion test, Promotion Test)