Hello Fellas!

Who is excited for more info sessions about the exchange program?

We are glad to inform you that Kagoshima University will have an exchange program next year!

There are two types of exchange programs, one semester and one year programs. The one semester program will start in the spring semester (April 1 to September 2023), while the one year program will be continued in the fall semester (October 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024).

The general requirements include:
– Applicants must be enrolled at Kagoshima University’s partner university at the time of application and they must be continuously enrolled until the end of the exchange period;
– Exchange students must cover their living expenses while in Japan (More than 70,000-80,000 JPY/month is needed);
– Extension or shortening of exchange period is not permitted after submitting application; and
– Exchange students need to leave Japan as soon as classes finish.

The nomination of this program will be opened on September 30 and will close on October 7.

The documents and other information can be found at https://www.kagoshima-u.ac.jp/kokusai/kuepgaiyoinfosheeteng.pdf.

Be ready with yourself and see you at Kagoshima University!

source : IG IO Undip