Semarang, Central Java (June 17). Diponegoro University (UNDIP) has opened registration for new students through the Independent Examination (Ujian Mandiri / UM) for the Undergraduate and Vocational programs for the year 2024. The Ujian Mandiri (UM) is a selection pathway conducted independently by Diponegoro University after the national selection process has concluded. Registration is open from June 3 to June 20, 2024.

The requirements to participate in the Ujian Mandiri for the Undergraduate and Vocational programs are as follows: graduates of high school (SMA/SMK/MA) or equivalent, graduates of equivalent exams, or other equivalent qualifications (package C) from the years 2022, 2023, and students graduating in 2024. The maximum age of applicants is 22 years at the time of registration. Detailed information about the Ujian Mandiri can be found on the website The exam will be conducted from June 27 to July 1, 2024.

Previously, Diponegoro University, along with other State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia, had conducted new student admissions through the SNBP and SNBT pathways coordinated by the National Selection Committee for New Student Admissions (SNPMB). In the 2024 SNBP (Selection Based on Academic Achievement), UNDIP ranked second in the number of applicants among 20 academic State Universities, with 34,658 applicants. In the 2024 SNBT (Selection Based on Tests), UNDIP ranked first in the number of applicants among academic State Universities, with 85,734 applicants.

“These figures show that UNDIP remains one of the favorite campuses chosen by high school graduates and equivalents,” said Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Heru Susanto, S.T., M.M., M.T., currently serving as the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs at UNDIP.

Furthermore, Prof. Heru invited all high school graduates (SMA/SMK/MA) or equivalent who have yet to find a place to study to participate in UNDIP’s Ujian Mandiri, as, on average, around 50% of the capacity is still.

For complete information on new student admissions through the Ujian Mandiri for the Bachelor’s program, visit the website: